Rencontrez le Co-Fondateur et CEO de Still Good

Meet the Co-Founder and CEO of Still Good

Jonathan Rodrigue is the co-founder and CEO of Still Good. Bringing over 15 years of experience in implementing innovative programs for sustainable food and food waste reduction, Jonathan dedicates his career to shifting toward a circular economy and responsible consumption model for the agri-food industry.

I had a chat with Jonathan to learn more about his background and his motivations for reducing food waste in Quebec and also threw in a little quiz to get to know him better on a personal level.

When and how did you first hear about the circular economy?

Reducing food waste has always been around, but it wasn't until about 10 years ago that the term circular economy started to be used more. Other sectors were promoting a circular model, like fashion or second-hand items, with online classified ads gaining in popularity. However, it took longer to get around in the agri-food sector. In the past, people were somewhat ashamed of having organic waste. Today, however, people are proud to talk about it and to share their innovative solutions. Mentalities have changed a lot!

What are you most proud of about the journey you've taken in reducing food waste? 

I am proud to have created a business model for food waste reduction that aims to reintroduce food into the human diet. A model that is zero waste, that eliminates more CO2 than it produces, but is still effective, economically viable, scalable and replicable just about anywhere in the world.

Why did you choose a cookie as the first product launched by Still Good?

Working with new materials, as we do on a daily basis, means working with the unknown. Not only for our Research and Development team but also for our customers who integrate our products into their eating habits. We asked ourselves: What could be a homely, comforting and accessible product that could be used to introduce spent grains (which were the first grains we worked with)? We immediately thought of cookies.

How do you see the future for Still Good and the circular economy?

I want Still Good to lead the way for others, as well as being recognized as an expert consultant in standardizing this new line of business. Our partnership approach allows us to work with the food industry to help them move towards the circular economy. So, our role in the future is one of facilitator for the industry and also of education for the consumer. Still Good is more than products, it's a mission to change mindsets and habits to reduce food waste.

The circular economy within the food industry will soon be considered the norm. It's a growing market... and it's just the beginning! Within the next few years, we will see many projects and new companies with innovative solutions to reclaim and transform as much organic material as possible.

Now, we want to get to know you more personally!

This or that ?:

Morning or Evening? Evening

City or Country? The city for now, and the country one day.

Sweet or Salty? Salty

Coffee or tea? Tea

Sand or snow? Sand

Horror movie or comedy? Comedy

Beer or wine? Start with a beer and continue with wine

Apple or Android? Apple

Dining in or out? Out

Mountain or sea? Sea

Italian cuisine or Asian? Italian

Single or team sport? Team

Starter or dessert (or both)? Starter

By Stéphanie Bourque, Director of Communications and Partnerships at Still Good

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