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Ground Spent Grain Flour

Ground Spent Grain Flour

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Meet the superfood you can't live without!

Our ground spent grain flour is an excellent source of fibre and protein all day, every day. Its subtle taste of roasted nuts enhances the flavor of all of your creations, sweet or savory!

Upcycled from local microbreweries’ spent grains, our ground spent grains flour adds great flavor to your recipes and saves thousands of tons of grain from landfill.

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Spent grains (barley, oats and/or wheat).

Why I'm better

Locally sourced spent grains.

High in fiber and protein.

Made with all natural ingredients without preservatives.

Nut free.

Recyclable bag.

Serving Instructions

Our ground spent grain flour can replace some of the regular flour in your favorite recipes. Bread, cakes, granola bars, crackers, breadcrumbs... the possibilities are endless. They can even be added to your smoothies and salads.

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