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Our business services

  • Responsible

    To save as much food as possible, Still Good offers you an easy and comprehensive just-in-time collection service.
  • Local

    Behind every residue lies untapped potential. Our team is expert in the art of transforming your food by-products into delicious, upcycled ingredients.
  • Natural

    Innovation and creativity are at the heart of what we do. We add a touch of magic to your existing products, or come up with new ones.
  • Upcycled

    Offering revalorized products means having a positive impact on your health and that of the planet. We can produce a variety of revalorized products for your establishment.

Reducing food waste is the most effective way to reverse climate change.This is why we work with organizations that choose not to throw anything away to create products that contribute to minimize food waste.

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From by-products to upcycled products

Our transformation processes enable us to recycle all kinds of by-products.

These include spent grain, fruit and vegetables, and pulp, all of which are integral parts of Still Good products, but we also work with residues from the production of coffee, cider and bakery products.

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Cooking with spent grain

Spent grain flour is a prebiotic that contains whole plant proteins, fibers and many essential minerals.

It is a delicious, nutritious and versatile plant-based alternative that can replace up to 30% of wheat flour.

You can use spent grain to make bread, cakes, breadcrumbs, granola bars, crackers, pizza dough, granola mix... you name it.

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