3 Brasseurs

    Re-using spent grain and creating new dishes

    Our circular approach is taken to the next level with 3 Brasseurs. We collect their spent grain, transform them into flour that is then used to create delicious dishes available on their menu. Burger buns, breadcrumbs and sauces - the creativity of their chefs is unstoppable.

    La Bête à pain

    Making upcycled bread

    La Bête à pain, a trendsetter, immediately had a fondness for our upcycled ingredients. And when their baker came across our spent grain flour, “Le protéiné” was born. A must-have bread from their famous bakery!


    Turning surplus into breadcrumbs and upcycled bread

    Ever wonder what Arhoma does with their surplus bread? Still Good collects them and turns them into bread flour and breadcrumbs. The Arhoma team is well known for its creativity and expertise. They use many of our upcycled flours, such as sunflower oil cake, coffee bean silverskin and spent grain, to create unique and tasty bread.

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