58% of the food produced in Canada is thrown away.

While many see that food as waste, we see perfectly good and nutritious ingredients waiting to be upcycled.

That's why we work with companies that want to repurpose their food by-products into new delicious products that help reduce food waste.

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  • 1,372,446 pounds

    of spent grain transformed

  • 435,233 pounds

    of fruits, vegetables and pulp rescued

  • 2,780 pounds

    of various grains recovered

From by-products to upcycled products

Our transformation processes allow us to upcycle all sort of by-products, such as spent grain, fruits and vegetables and pulps, that are an integral part of Still Good products.

We also transform residues from the production of coffee, cider and bakery products.

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Aliments du Québec certified

Because improving food industry practices is a collective battle that is close to our hearts, all our products are locally sourced and responsible.

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