3 bonnes raisons d’intégrer la farine de drêches à son quotidien

3 good reasons to try ground spent grain flour in your daily life

1- Ecological and innovative

In an era where the reduction of kitchen waste and the circular use of food resources are in full swing, alternative flours such as spent grain flour can be an excellent option. But what is spent grain? It's the residue from brewing our favourite beers. Instead of disposing of it, which costs breweries money and increases their ecological footprint, some decide to recover it and give it a new life as flour! Fortunately for us, with this second transformation of cereals, we can say bye bye to food waste and hello to the new roasted nut flavours in our dishes!


2- Full of nutrients

Just because spent grain is considered a "waste product" of the process does not mean that it has no nutritional value! When compared to popular flours, spent grain flour is to be envied. It contains the equivalent of three times the fibre of whole wheat and oat flours. Its protein content is also interesting, with 5 grams of protein per serving, nearly 60% more than barley flour. Among the many vitamins and minerals it contains, we can find calcium (9 times more calcium than whole wheat flour frequently found in grocery stores!) and iron: it contains twice the iron content of buckwheat and wheat flours! Its advantage? Since it is made from barley, wheat and oats, spent grain flour contains all the nutrients associated with these grains, but in a single package!


3- Good for our intestinal flora

Our intestinal flora, or microbiota, is the set of bacteria that inhabit our large intestine. Very popular and not yet fully understood, our intestinal flora plays important roles in our body, mainly by ensuring optimal digestion and by being involved in the synthesis of vitamins and hormones that are essential to our survival. But in order for these bacteria to do their job, they must also be well nourished! The fibres contained in the cereals frequently used in the brewing of beer and found in spent grain flour act as prebiotics, which means they feed the good bacteria (probiotics) that reside in our intestine. 

The proteins contained in spent grain flour are also indispensable: they contain a good number of essential amino acids and play a major role in the regulation of satiety. Tired of protein powder or looking for ways to increase the protein content of your plate? Dried grain flour will come to your rescue! 

This article was written by the nutritionists and dietitians of TeamNutrition. Their team offers nutrition counselling online and in over 80 offices across Canada. 

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