Des milliers de biscuits Still Good pour le Club des petits déjeuners

Over a thousand Still Good cookies for the Breakfast Club

This summer, the Still Good team is thinking big and nutritious in support of the Breakfast Club's mission. How? By donating our cookies made from ingredients saved from food waste to school children across the province. Still Good is teaming up with 3 Brasseurs for a donation campaign to give the organization 30,000 tasty upcycled cookies until August 31. 

Nutritious cookies - energizing breakfasts

Since 1994, Canada's Breakfast Club has been leading a movement against food insecurity among children. Their programs, such as the distribution of healthy breakfasts, ensure that young people reach their full potential throughout their academic journey. On a daily basis, the Club's actions reach “more than 513,489 children in 3,361 schools across Canada.”  

Whether it's a lack of appetite, time, resources or access to food, one in three children is at risk of missing the most important meal of the day every morning. The Breakfast Club fights for food security, recognizing the impact of an empty stomach on the well-being and academic success of young people. 

Thanks to the Breakfast Club, Still Good cookies are being distributed in schools. Clearly, our values align quite nicely! "Preparing recycled cookies for the Breakfast Club is 100% in line with our social mission. This kind of collaboration is why we strive to surpass ourselves year after year," said Jonathan Rodrigue, founder and CEO of Still Good. 

A donation campaign developed by Still Good and 3 Brasseurs

As longtime partners, Still Good and 3 Brasseurs are taking their collaboration to the next level this summer. The synergy between the two companies has been going on for some time: Still Good recovers the spent grain from the brewing process of 3 Brasseurs and transforms it into milled spent grain flour, which is then returned to the restaurants. But that's not all! The kitchen team is also working with this upcycled flour. They use it to make their burger buns and the fish and chips batter.

Why stop there? Until August 31st, the food revalorization cycle is will be extended. Each meal made with spent grain flour sold in one of the 11 branches of 3 Brasseurs in Quebec helps fill the Breakfast Club cookie jar. In fact, for each upcycled dish served, Still Good adds one cookie to the total number of upcycled cookies donated to the Club.

With this delightful donation campaign, Still Good hopes to provide 30,000 cookies to the organization. This summer, every "Beer Fish & Chips," "Bacon & Cheese Burger" or "3 Brasseurs Burger" will be converted into a delicious and nutritious breakfast cookie. It’s as simple as that!


To contribute to this campaign, order one of the dishes made with upcycled products at 3 Brasseurs or make an online donation on the Breakfast Clubs website. You can also share this Still Good initiative on your social media!


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