Jamais assez de trucs! Acheter en vrac selon Still Good

Buying in bulk with Still Good : the official guideline

Going zero waste is no longer just a lifestyle for bloggers: it's a widespread practice. At Still Good, we believe that there can never be too much information about reducing waste by buying in bulk. So here's our little rundown on the subject.

1. A wide variety of products to discover

When you think of buying in bulk, the first thing that comes to mind is Masson jars filled with ingredients. Well, that's pretty most common, indeed! However, food isn’t the only thing you can put in your containers.


A 1000 ways to go zero waste 

- Food: various nut butters, fresh and dried fruits, granola, legumes, spices, tofu, etc.

- Beverages: tea, coffee, hot chocolate, kombucha, etc.

- Body products: creams, toothpaste, deodorant, nail polish remover, etc.

- Household items: cleaners (bathroom, windows, etc.), laundry detergent, etc.

2. The biggest advantage of bulk buying

What are the advantages of buying in bulk? Where to begin... First of all, it helps preserve the environment. Buying in bulk gives a second life to yogurt containers, resealable bags of frozen fruit, etc. No need for store-bought glass jars... you can avoid packaging without spending a penny.

Secondly, you actually reduce your personal waste. Before you go to the store, write out your grocery list, choose the size of container or bag according to the quantity of the ingredient you really need... so you won't find yourself, months later, with rancid nuts or whole-wheat flour that will up in the garbage.

Don’t hesitate to try new things! You wouldn't buy half a pound of textured vegetable protein or a whole bottle of camelina oil without even knowing if you’re going to like it. Bulk encourages exploration in the kitchen! Buy a smaller portion and try it out !

Last but not least, bulk products are often part of a global responsible consumption approach. Therefore, choosing bulk allows you to encourage both zero waste and local and organic food.

3. Tips for buying in bulk

Buying in bulk can seem daunting when you don't know your way around. At Still Good, we know that sharing tips is the key to a sustainable bulk approach. 

Our top 5 Tips

- Consider the bulk options available in supermarket chains.

- Talk to your butcher, cheese shop, etc. Many accept reusable containers for take-out.

- Consider the weight of the containers and products to be transported before you leave home.

- Carry a cloth or a rag to wipe your jars if necessary.

- Reduce your waste progressively by using bulk to change your habits.

4. A wide selection of stores

There are plenty of zero-waste grocery stores in Quebec, especially in Montreal. You'll quickly find your favourite stop by giving a try to a few of them.

Where to find Still Good products


- Vrac et Bocaux

- Vrac sur roues

- Romarin

- Espace organique


And so many more!

When shopping online, you can choose a company that promotes local, responsible and environmentally friendly products. Think of Lufa Farms and Marché SecondLife.


Go ahead, gather up your containers and explore your neighbourhood in search of the bulk products that will inspire you in the kitchen.

Find out where you can buy Still Good products, in bulk or prepacked in their compostable bags.


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