Nos ingrédients démystifiés : les drêches, en quoi c’est bon pour toi?

Our ingredients demystified: how are you good at the spent?

After chatting about Origin And some Uses in the kitchen I mean, it's time to talk about why you should be interested. The fight against food waste has a lot of positive impacts for the planet, but it also has some for you.

The cereal waste that makes up the grains ensure the impressive nutritional contribution. We can thus please the environment and our health, and all this at low cost.

Here are the 5 benefits you could enjoy by integrating grains into your diet:

1. Better intestinal transit

2. A drop in your cholesterol

3. A reduction in your risk of chronic disease

4. A healthier gallbladder

5. Better control of your blood sugar

A ton of nutrients

Why can the flour from the grounds make us feel so good?

If we take the example of those of Still Good, it contains nearly 40% fiber and almost 20% protein, proving that it is an ingredient suitable for a balanced diet.

It is the soluble and insoluble fibers of the flour of ground crêches that promote good digestion. According to specialists in the field, it represents the main advantage of consuming these derivatives of brewing production.

As for proteins, they are more interesting than those of other cereals: they include about 30% essential amino acids, especially Lysine.

The flour from the rolled rêches also offers us several vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron and folic acid.

That's not all! Richer in phenol compounds than several vegetables, it is a super source of natural antioxidants.

Enriched food

Many have encouraged research on the drenches, among other things on how they affect the nutritional values of other foods.

When you incorporate flour from ground rêches into a recipe, you make the final result better. Several studies confirm it: the more you include grains, the more you increase the amount of fiber and protein in a dish.

Depending on what you cook, you can go so far as to double the fiber intake with only 15% of the grains in the starting ingredients.

The addition of grains also amplifies the antioxidant effect of a cookie or fruit juice.

With all this, the mystery behind the drêche is a little less mysterious, isn't it?

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