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Breadcrumbs like no other


Rich in fiber and protein, these breadcrumbs combine the nutritional power of spent grain and baker's bread rescued from food waste.  With its light cereal taste, it enhances your creations.
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Dehydrated bread (flours (unbleached white flour, rye flour), sea salt, water, milk, butter, whole eggs, sourdough, yeast, cane sugar), Dehydrated spent grains (barley, oats, wheat). Contains : Wheat, Milk, Eggs.

Why I'm better

Microbrewery spent grains and bakery bread saved from food waste

High in fiber and protein.

Made with all natural ingredients without preservatives.

Nut free.

Compostable bag and recyclable boxe.

Serving Instructions

Prepare the best cheese sticks, chicken Parmigana and bread fish with our out-of-the-ordinary breadcrumbs!